Monday, March 5, 2012


This is an Indian PILOT which I found in the lot…looks neat and is an NOS I think…I have a couple of other Indian Pilots in my collection and I wondered whether I should showcase this pen here or have a different post for all the Indian Pilots, but then I thought, since I got this pen in this lot and Indian Pilots are not being made anymore, this pen also qualifies to be classified under Old Indian FP Models (alongside Indian Watermans and Indian Swans)…maybe sometime in the future I will have all the Indian Pilots in one post…for the present though, we have this Indian Pilot…

It is a burgundy coloured screw cap ED filler…plastic body with a gold coloured cap band and a similar smaller band at the barrel end…the name PILOT INDIA can be seen on the barrel…and a shiny open nib with Pilot Made in India –(2)– HARD GILT etched on the nib…I liked the nib, looks handsome…and it has got a square hole through which the groove on the feeder is visible…the feeder itself is flat with no fins…the cap is almost rectangular at the top and kind of ‘tapers down’ to become a circle…the clip is flattish and seems stuck right into the cap-top (one can see this kind of clip in one of the SEVIKA models too)…after the previous post on PAGODA, Hari suggested that Pagoda could be inspired by Pilot models, especially when one looked at the square nib hole and the angular clip…it then struck me that…yess…the Pilot India that I had had a square nib hole and an angular clip… and so, I thought of a comparison photo of nibs and caps of both pens…


Bibhu said...

Hi Jaisri,
I am following your post.
Happy to see you acquire new pens.
like to have your mail ID.

my mail iD

winding river said...

Hi Bibhu...thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments...also pleased that you are following my post... you can mail me at jaysrinivas at yahoo dot com

ankit said...

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