Saturday, April 26, 2014

I have to tell you this … sense of an ending or non?

Some of you might know that I teach English at an engineering college here in Hyderabad … it is a difficult task … for many reasons … it is a low priority subject for the majority of students who just want to pass this subject somehow, and it is not surprising that many of them barely have an idea of what they are writing … or reading, for that matter … and they sleepwalk through the entire English course … and under the circumstances bloopers are common in answer scripts …

A recent one stunned me … I couldn’t catch it soon enough and when it struck at the end, it stung!!  Remember Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense?

All right … we have a soft skills section in the third year which would help students in preparing for their various placement tests - interviews, group discussions, report writing, etc. … this test was a written one and one of the questions asked was taken from “Frequently Asked Questions during an interview” … How would you describe your ideal job?

One of the answers was …

“It is very difficult to be ideal.  I never keep myself ideal.  I go on working on something or the other even in my ideal time”

Marx and Allen would have loved it!!  Or maybe non!!