Monday, November 30, 2015

A chota crime fiction haul from

I haven’t been able to visit Abids for more than a month now and am missing all those secondhand books … whether I buy books there or not, going there and meeting friends and wandering head-bent along those book-laden roads is itself a thrill … anyway, not that I was missing books or reading … I had bought some travelogues online and was reading them (will do a post about them soon) … I was also catching up with those Ross Macdonald novels that I had purchased earlier … and I used to check regularly … and a week back something turned up at this site … a Ross Macdonald novel, The Galton Case … and another John D. MacDonald novel, One Fearful Yellow Eye, which I didn’t have, was already on display for quite some time now on the site … and I also saw that two novels by Simon Brett had surfaced … I selected one of the Brett novels … a ‘Charles Paris’ novel … Situation Tragedy

Read The Galton Case already and couldn’t help laughing at the line that a poet chap, Chad Bolling, throws in the novel … You can’t make a Hamlet without breaking egos … too good!!

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