Thursday, August 25, 2016

The GAMA Demonstrator Fountain Pen

I wanted this pen the moment I saw it at Gem & Co.  I had never owned a completely transparent pen before and this Gama fountain pen fits the bill nicely.  It looked solid and had enough heft, which I liked.  When I opened the cap and looked at the nib, I was reassured.  The nib looked familiar, the ones which are seen on Deccan Advocate and the Advocate is a pen I like very much and wholeheartedly use and endorse.  This particular Ambitious nib is a tried and tested model used as a stock nib across many Indian fountain pens of this size and has proved its sturdiness, smoothness, and durability over the years.  So, that was one big box ticked.  The rest was smooth sailing.  The cap is especially alluring.  As I mentioned in the earlier ‘Gem & Co. visit’ posts, I bought this pen almost a year ago. 

As soon as I returned to Hyderabad, I filled this pen with blue ink and I am glad I thought of blue.  The pen writes like a dream.  I used it for around three months and then rested it.  The barrel still had lots of ink.  I took it out two months ago and had to shake it a bit to get the ink flowing.  After that, the flow has been very even and smooth.  Not bad at all considering the pen had rested for almost six months with ink in it.  Writing with this pen is a pleasure. 

I am also glad that I left the pen as it is.  The blue ink has permeated the cap and seeped into the gaps, ridges, threads, and the cap jewel, making the cap look delightful from certain angles.  I had a great time taking photographs of the cap.  I have no hesitation in feeling happy that the last photo, the blue ice mountain, has come out so unexpectedly beautiful.  

The GAMA brand name shining against the blue ink

The cap jewel from the top ... ridged with blue ... 

Slightly lighter ... a different shade of blue on the right curve ... 

The blue tunnel

The blue light at the end of the blue tunnel

The blue ink that has seeped into the ridges and threads in the cap

The Blue Ice Mountain!!

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