Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The GAMA Ivory Fountain Pen

The GAMA Ivory was the other fountain pen that I bought at Gem & Co.  Whereas the Demonstrator was my choice, the Ivory was recommended by Mr Pratap.  He said that the Ivory was their most recent creation and the Ivory colour is not something you come across commonly.  I have a white acrylic fountain pen made by Deccan, but the Gama Ivory was definitely different.  The richness of the Ivory colour captivated me.  I don’t know how to put it, but I feel that the ivory colour has a certain restraint, something slightly held back.  

The Gama Ivory is a cigar shaped fountain pen, the classical shape favoured by many pen-makers.  The pen has very neat lines and the only two pieces of metal are the clip and the nib.  The clip is not exactly a ball-clip, a design I like a lot, but more like a tear-drop design.  I would have preferred a different design on the clip.  A flat gold plated one such as one sees in the recent Deccan Advocates would suit the Ivory colour, I feel. 

The pen has the tried and tested Ambitious nib.  Nothing much goes wrong with this nib as far as I have seen in the many pens I have that use this nib.  The nib is smooth and the ink flow is even and gives that very slight grip on the page which I like while writing.  I filled the pen with Pelikan Black ink and that is what you see on the barrel threads and the section lip.

A nice pen that looks very good and writes well … what more does one want from a fountain pen …

Here are some pictures … 

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