Saturday, September 3, 2016

Another Peter Robinson haul ... this time from Gopal Books

After the 6-book haul of Peter Robinson’s novels from Save Earth Books under Amazon used books, this reckless desire to get hold of all Peter Robinson (Inspector Banks) novels caught hold of me.  I went back and searched under Save Earth Books again, but without much luck, both with respect to titles and prices.  There was another bookseller under Amazon used books called Gopal Books.  I looked for those missing Peter Robinson novels in my list and found 5 Inspector Banks novels and a short story collection with two Banks’ stories (The Price of Love).  There was some procrastination because of the prices.  The prices were not as low as I found them on Save Earth Books.  Let’s say Abids prices against Best Books prices, if you can get the drift.  After two days of procrastinating (ha ha), I gave in.  Recklessness won over prudence, sort of.  

These six books came in a week after I had placed the order.  Whereas the books sent by Save Earth Books were new (maybe unsold stock) and priced less, the books sent by Gopal Books were definitely old, though they don’t have any marks to indicate previous user/s.  And the prices were higher too, and so apart from the satisfaction of having filled in five more gaps in the list of ‘Inspector Banks’ novels, and the anticipation of reading these novels, I should not deny that there was a bit of disappointment.  But I got over that soon enough, because I now had eleven Inspector Banks novels to read.  I need three more Banks’ novels to fill in all the blanks in the list till 2016.  I am now binge reading Inspector Banks novels … and won’t come out of moors and dales of Yorkshire anytime soon.

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