Wednesday, September 28, 2016

And finally … two Robinsons and my DCI Banks series is complete …

The Robinson novel that I missed at Butterfly Books was nagging me now.  Then, there is this other Robinson novel that was available with another used books seller on Amazon.  With these in my bag, my ‘DCI Banks’ set would be complete.  I was waiting for both novels to appear with one seller.  I kept trawling all used books sellers on Amazon and sometime around the middle of this month, I saw that these two ‘DCI Banks’ were available with J D Books.  The prices were more than I expected, but less than what I had seen earlier with the other bookseller.  And moreover, I was desperate you see.  I had binge read the last four ‘DCI Banks’ novel and the next one in the series was this.  I couldn’t wait.  The other novel appears somewhere in the middle of the series and I could catch up with it later.  I put these two in the basket and saw that the total was short of the shipping waiver limit.  I would have to look for another book to reach the limit or I have to pay shipping charges.  After much hair-pulling, I found a novel by Matthew Pearl, The Last Dickens, which I had mentioned in my bibliothrillers series earlier, but one which I hadn’t read.  It was an unintentional ‘limit-reaching’ purchase, but what the heck. 

The package arrived 5 days later.  My ‘DCI Banks’ collection was complete, except for the most recent one. What I was most pleased about was that all were ‘used books’ purchases.  I got some at Abids, some from Best Books, and the most recent were these three heavy purchases from Amazon.  I finished Abattoir Blues and now reading Innocent Graves. 

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