Friday, April 17, 2009

Book Pointers from another Blog?

I had been noticing this ‘Old Books Sale’ (by Best Books) banner every morning our college bus passes YMCA at Secunderabad for the past 10 days or so. And every morning I see this banner, I promise myself that I’d get down near YMCA on my way back from college and see what I can lay my hands on. This wasn’t happening and I felt bad for myself.

Then on Monday, I went across to Vinod (Ekbote)’s blog and saw this post on ‘A midweek haul at a book sale.’ This was about the books that he’d bought at this ‘Old Books Sale.’ As I was reading, I reached a particular point where I strongly felt that Vinod was talking to me! He wrote, “I saw two books by Dave Barry – Dave Barry in Cyberspace and Dave Barry’s Only Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need. I also saw Elmore Leonard’s ‘Maximum Bob’ that I have.”

Vinod is the person responsible for introducing me to Dave Barry and Elmore Leonard. In the case of Dave Barry, Vinod actually gifted me my first Dave Barry – Dave Barry is not making this up. I had also subsequently asked him if he’d come across any more Dave Barry books during his various visits to book haunts across Hyderabad.

After I’d heard Vinod talking passionately about Elmore Leonard’s novels, I couldn’t resist reading his novels and found and bought three in a used book store and read them. I was hooked, but couldn’t locate more. Maybe I didn’t search in the right places.

Now you know why I strongly felt that Vinod was directing these sentences at me…!!
I have become notorious in my (own) eyes for not posting in my blog regularly…but, this time, believe me, I will post on what happened next…the next day…

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