Monday, April 20, 2009

Second visit to Books Sale

I just couldn't resist going back to the Best Books' used books sale just one more time...the proprietor had told me on my previous visit that he'd search for Dave Barry books and asked me come back again before the 20th...and when you know that two or more Dave Barrys could be hiding in there somewhere, you just can't afford to miss the I thought...

So, once again, I dropped down mid way on my way home from college and went to YMCA... as soon as I entered the room where the books were stacked, I saw Dave Barry coming towards me with two books in his hands...I thought 'wow! if not any more Dave Barry books, at least I got to see Dave Barry...' how cool is that?

I left Dave Barry to his devices and went straight to the counter...the moment the proprietor saw me, he shook his head...and made a clicking sound...and said 'nahin hai, sab'... I still had some time, but I didn't feel like browsing...I thought I'd walk over to Al Classic (permanent) used books sale near Sangeet and see if I could turn my disappointment to appointment...while I was thinking of going out, Shruti called on my mobile and I was talking and looking at the titles on a shelf in front of me...I had seen this shelf during my previous visit and didn't expect to find anything new...I reached the last row and I thought I saw the words 'Dave...' on the cover...I pounced on it and it turned out to be one of the Dave Barrys that Vinod had mentioned...Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need ... I was enthused and emboldened now and started my hunting all over again...hoping to snare the other Dave Barry...Dave Barry in Cyber Space...I spent around 15 minutes searching and was not able to locate...maybe, somebody has purchased I thought...then the proprietor's assistant came over to me and gave me a book...I was delighted to see that it was a Dave Barry...but it was not Dave Barry in Cyber Space...the one I was looking for, but Dave Barry's Greatest what...? my mission was accomplished...partly...I went looking for two Dave Barry three, one of them seen by Vinod and two which I got on my more is still lurking is the last day of the sale...should I go last visit...? what say you?

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